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E-Cig as a Way to Quit Smoking: What You Should Know

Despite extensive awareness campaigns and advertising on the dangers associated with smoking, many tobacco addicts still find it difficult to quit. Also, products meant to help people break free from tobacco smoking, such as gums and nicotine patches, have been developed but these have not been successful for the most part. But e-cigs or e-liquids have emerged as practical solutions toward quitting tobacco, and specifically nicotine, the addictive element in it.

Electronic cigarettes are new solutions you can buy today, and they’re developed to simulate the real life smoking experience. The solutions do not contain nicotine, yet, they look just like actual cigarettes, and they even emit simulated smoke. A classic e-cig “smoking” experience involves the user inhaling nicotine vapor minus the carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco that may result in a range of health problems.
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An e-cig comes with a cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. While you inhale, a tiny atomizer that’s powered by a battery turns a minute amount of the liquefied nicotine into vapor. The satisfaction in the inhaling experience results from the nicotine hit you receive, which may occur in a question of seconds, as opposed to minutes associated with gums and patches.
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But what’s the reason behind e-liquids enabling users break free from tobacco smoking better than patches and gums? One of the primary reasons is the throat hit you get so quickly that the experience feels exactly the same as that of smoking. This means you do not miss the actual smoking while vaping, and in turn, it helps quit tobacco sooner.

Also, the nicotine that e-liquids carry differs in concentration depending on a specific product. This gives users who desire to overcome addiction to tobacco a chance to start with high nicotine concentration to cope with the lack of tobacco smoking. You may keep reducing your nicotine concentration vaping until you’re able to do without the substance.

E-cigs are developed with a broad spectrum of flavor choices in their e-liquids. For you, this means more options to attain an optimal vaping experience as you strive to quit tobacco. Various of these products have e-liquid mediums that possess varying flavor and nicotine carrying capacities, and this gives you more options. Some of the flavors to anticipate may range from nicotine and strawberry to mint.

Smoking tobacco is harmful, and that’s not debatable. Whats’ debatable is how you can quit the habit, especially in the face of the so many products marketed for that purpose. Yet, people that have used e-liquids and e-cigs are testimony to the fact that the remedies are fun to experience, and they can positively help handle their tobacco addiction issue.