So it’s time to start job searching… but it’s not all about presenting yourself well in interviews, have you ever thought about how you portray yourself on social media? Social media is such a big thing these days and it’s so easy to explore, recruiters can easily look you up and find out a lot about you just by what you post and the pictures you put on your social media.

Being aware and mindful about this is a good thing, you need to make sure you have a good representation of the outside world looking in because people are looking! Here are a few things you can do to clean up your social media.


If your Facebook is private you are off to a good start! Just by making things on your Facebook private means you are in control of what people can see. You can hide that awful swear word post about your all-nighter and keep that to what only your close friends can see.

To make your profile private go to your settings and click privacy on this page you can select and choose what you want to privatise.

To hide certain things hover over any post or photo you have and click the edit option (a little pen icon) you can hide the photo or post from your timeline.
Even if you’re profile is on private, people will still be able to see your profile and cover photo. So just make sure it’s an appropriate and subtle picture and nothing too controversial.


Twitter is also a popular social media platform but it’s the one that allows you to express whatever you want. So this in itself can be dangerous, especially if you are very opinionated. So go back in your history and revaluate posts you may think are a bit rude or controversial.

For your bio just think the same. Keep it about you and make sure it captures your personality. Remember businesses can come across all your Social Medias, so think about how you want to come across to a potential employer.


With this social account just make sure it’s private and remove photos that may affect your job search. If it’s like any other Instagram account which has lots of lovely holiday, food and fashion posts then your fine.


YouTube videos can rank highly when searching, so if you do have an account make sure you go to your privacy settings and make sure your online presence on YouTube is reserved. Other people can also see what videos you like and share, so make sure these stay appropriate too.

Consequently, I hope this makes you check all your social media accounts and gets you to think twice about what you post to the public. Remember a recruiter can search you online anytime, so whatever they find, make sure it’s what you would happily reveal in real life.

Clean up your social media