Do You Know What Your SEO Company Does For You?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques necessary for indexing a website, which includes the registration of said site. But it is also a set of optimization techniques needed to improve the ranking of the pages of a website in search engines like Google. So, the main purpose of SEO is to attract qualified traffic to a site. So, what does your SEO company do for you?


SEO is a strategy that is completely free, which means site owners do not have to pay every time someone clicks on their ad (unlike paid SEO). People can occupy several positions for the same query in the search results as opposed to paid searches. This greatly increases the traffic opportunities for a site. Sites also obtain a better conversion rate compared to paid SEO. By 2018, over 93% of clicks on the first page of Google are made using natural links.

With SEO, website owners obtain profitable results over the medium and long term. It is, therefore, a lasting solution to make your site present and visible in the search results. Natural SEO drives folks to create quality content. And this will allow them to take advantage of external links (backlinks) from other sites. The SEO will also enhance your notoriety on the web.

In summary

Understanding that natural SEO is absolutely necessary to develop the visibility and activity of your site is something serious, but it takes time. It is preferable to put a more global strategy in place by associating the site with paid referencing, like SEA, for example. How can one take advantage of the combined benefits of SEO and SEA on their site, though?

Marketers are often persuaded that organic results and Adwords advertisements cannot coexist. However, SEO and SEA campaigns are complementary, which means optimized results and profitability. With rich content, SEO aims to generate targeted and quality traffic from a variety of sources. However, it produces results only in the medium and long term (a few months). Conversely, the PPC instantly impacts visibility. However, there is a major disadvantage: a significant amount of money and time is needed to design and manage the campaign.