Find a Replacement Zipper By the Yard

Finding a zipper online might be a tough thing to ask. Not only you need to find a matching color zipper for your specific type of material but also it needs to have the right look and feel on your tailored item. There are various places to look for a replacement zipper such as While most people usually looks for these types of items on ebay, due to the unorganized nature of those sites, people often spend more time looking for the stuff, and sometimes are not able to find it no matter how much they try.

Another issue with buying zippers is not being able to find the exact length you need. Sometimes you might end up having to buy a full roll (hundreds of feet) just because the places don’t sell zippers by the yard. What we found was, you can buy zippers by the yard via zippershipper, which made it our top choice for zippers after research.

From metal zippers to purse zippers, heavy duty zippers to invisible zippers, no matter what type of zipper you need, this site is a lifesafer for fixing your stuff or tailoring dresses etc. from scratch.