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Qualities of a Great Public Speaker

Most people are not born with presentation skills. Many tend to learn this skills during their lifetime. Making a presentation in the presence of others isn’t always that easy. It is actually possible to practice and learn public speaking as soon as one is able to talk. One can get these skills from a number of places. Some courses offer training on how to carry out an effective presentation. There are a good number of books and articles on presentation skills and public speaking. Below are some of the characteristics you might find in many tutorials and books that describe an effective public speaker.


This can be said to be one of the most basic building blocks of a good public speaker. You cannot deliver a good presentation without confidence. It is easy to gain people’s trust if you are confident in public speaking. An individual that is confident is seen to be knowledgeable, intelligent and quite competent. Being nervous is a natural experience but most confident public speakers know how to keep anxiety contained. This is easy to do if you focus on authenticity and passion. Authenticity gives an individual a basis of being themselves. On the other hand, passion is what gives you the much-needed excitement about the subject you are talking about.
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A good public speaker knows that they can never depend on speech memorization. You will find them practicing their presentation instead. This is the best thing to do since practice makes perfect. It is true that when you familiarize yourself with what you intend to talk about several times, it becomes second nature. Practicing makes it possible for one to adjust their presentation in case plans change. One may end up sounding inadequate or incompetent if you end up forgetting a certain aspect of your presentation due to cramming or memorization that is why it is discouraged.

Must Be Passionate

For a presentation to be mind-blowing there has to be a level of sincerity in the way you communicate with your audience. The passion in your words and your mode of presentation can help you move your audience. How excited you get during your presentation can also show the level of passion you have for what you’re talking about. The level of anxiety and nervousness that one may have can be overshadowed by their level of excitement. Research shows that one can be more comfortable on stage and in their presentation if they learn to label their anxiety as excitement. The way you raise your arms or your voice when speaking does not show the level of passion you have. It has to be exhibited in the way you articulate yourself.

Be Yourself

Originality is a very important element. Acting like someone else while you are on stage doesn’t help your presentation. Originality doesn’t cost a dime, all it does is help you win over the trust of the people you are presenting to.