Getting Started as a Law School Student for a Career in Criminal Justice

Many people who want to become lawyers need financial assistance to pay for law school. California has some noteworthy educational institutions training students to become skilled attorneys. An example of one such school can be reviewed at Scholarships are available, such as the $2,500 Wallin & Klarich Scholarship for students who want to become licensed attorneys in the state of California. Individuals who have been admitted to a law school and will be starting their initial year are eligible. They must write an essay about why they want to become criminal justice attorneys.

Prosecuting and Defense Attorneys

Schools like Berkeley Law are superb educational institutions for students who are strongly interested in working in the criminal justice system. By completing studies here, they become qualified to work in government settings as prosecuting attorneys. They also may work on the other side of the courtroom as criminal defense lawyers. Sometimes established attorneys eventually switch sides, so to speak, although it’s more common for prosecutors to become defense attorneys than vice versa.

Education Careers

There are many other positions that law school graduates can acquire if they decide they don’t want to concentrate on the courtroom setting, or if they eventually decide they want a change. They might become law school professors, for example, or teach criminal justice at a university or college that offers bachelor’s degrees in the subject.


Working in the political realm is another opportunity that numerous experienced lawyers one day decide to pursue. Political careers at the local, state and federal level are commonly undertaken by individuals with years of experience as an attorney. Working as a senator or representative may seem particularly suitable since the work focuses on developing legislation.


Some lawyers have the goal of becoming a judge one day. Law school students even may have this possibility on their radar before they become licensed attorneys. They may have a specific interest, such as criminal court, family law court or circuit court. Their future years of experience as attorneys provide them with crucial knowledge and the objectivity to make such important decisions from the bench.