Are you a high school administrator? If so, you should know that choosing the right careers education and guidance for your secondary school will be very important. It’s possible to outsource the task to a reputable consultant team with years of experience.

This type of careers education and guidance company will be able to create a guidance counselling system which makes it so much easier for students to find the right educational and career pathways after graduation.

Today, we’d like to talk about how to find the right careers education and guidance firm.

Look for Excellence and Dedication

A good company of this type will offer a full complement of superb services for fair rates. Checking out the background and online reputation of a company that you are interested in will be the best way to see what it offers and whether it’s right for your secondary school.

In our view, companies which offer careers education and guidance based on the respected Ofsted model are the best choices.

Companies should provide assistance to students from year seven to year thirteen. Each student should access a personalised provision, whether he or she is attending a State school or an Independent school. The company should be committed to offering students plenty of data and advice. It’s about giving students the confidence to make wise and informed choices when it comes to future careers.

One examples of a service that careers education and guidance companies provide include placing career mentors in schools, who are very skilled and who are able to set up and implement guidance programs for secondary students. A great company will tailor its program to each school, as every school is different.

As well, look for a firm which has partnerships with businesses in the region and country. These partnerships help students to access a range of great options, from apprenticeships to jobs to work experience opportunities. As well, a great company should ensure that each student has an individual plan and gets the right health and safety education (and relevant testing) for particular apprenticeships, jobs or work experience programs.

Also, the best companies hold special events which help students to get excited about their future careers. Examples include workshops, career events and events which are focused on discussing the value of apprenticeships and detailing information about which apprenticeships are available.

Support which is offered to students should always be independent and impartial. It should empower students by helping them to achieve their aspirations.

Lastly, prices should be affordable and companies which are considered should have all of the right credentials.

Find the Right Company Today

Your secondary school will benefit from having a modern and effective careers education and guidance service in place. Outsourcing the task to the right provider company will take the pressure off of your shoulders and enable your students to become everything that they want to be.

This type of initiative will ensure that students find career pathways which are ideal fits for their talents, abilities and ambitions. So, why not find the right company today?

High School Students Need Careers Education and Guidance
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