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The Future for HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google. The main reason behind that close attachment is the fact that by click of a button you are automatically connected to the world. The frequent updates from the Tech giants such as HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google have even made it possible to connect direct to the world by click of a button. To these experts, every second counts and the world never stops, every second is a dollar earned for them One IT company needs another to be able to deliver the best to their customers and make more sales, it’s a world of business and customer delight. They need to be able convince everyone that their products are the best with facts. Dell, which is a pioneering computer company, is in competition with Apple, Google and Samsung.In addition, Dell is not doing so well in laptop and desktop industry.Microsoft too will benefit from this partnership.Despite all these efforts, the two companies have to bear in mind their competitors Apple and Google are way ahead. For Google, it is not all bed of roses as there has been hyper-competitive market. You may not know but the truth is you use its product once in a while, for that reason, Google continues to succeed in retail and mobility.
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The company has been in business for a long time now and they have won customer’s faith in their products. HP has a new product, a computer, “appliance” is the name, this computer has more features such as running apps or storing data on Microsoft’s cloud.
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HP was in the business of Public Cloud, then it stopped, since it could not compete with Microsoft, HP and Dell are in the business of computers but are slowly going down the road of smartphones and tablets, Google and Microsoft are both public cloud companies and Microsoft specializes in software too. They will continue to partner to deliver the best to their users. Others, it is just one product that has incorporated several other product into one, for instance a laptop with so many features, or a smartphone that has the ability to do video conferencing. HP, Microsoft, Dell and Google will remain in the market since they are the pioneers of most of what we enjoy from the internet today. You and I rely on Google for Google maps a lot, these companies have literally brought the world right on our faces, virtual reality has been made easy by Google.