Your resume represents the first step towards your ideal job. After all, without a solid resume, you can’t elicit positive attention from recruiters, thereby diminishing your chances of being granted interviews. In fact, drab, boring and error-laden resumes regularly prevent qualified candidates from even getting a foot in the door. There’s no denying that education and raw skill are vital to finding gainful employment in the current job market, but a winning resume is needed to fully bring your qualifications to the attention of prospective employers. Jobseekers interested in touching up their resumes are sure to experience success with the following tips.

Prioritize Accomplishments over Job Descriptions

When drafting their resumes, a staggering number of jobseekers mistake job descriptions for professional accomplishments. In other words, they list off the various duties they performed at previous jobs instead of highlighting noteworthy accomplishments at those jobs, believing them to be one and the same. Because most companies are flooded with applications for open positions, recruiters generally don’t spend a lot of time looking over individual resumes, meaning applicants have a very small window in which to wow them. That said, you’ll need to prioritize your accomplishments over everyday duties if you want your resume to catch the eyes of overburdened recruiters.

Highlight Your Education

Anyone with aspirations of finding gainful employment in the current job market would be wise to highlight their education when drafting their resume. Although most employers still value experience and skill, many of them regard education as paramount. Many companies won’t even look at applications from individuals who lack any form of higher education. So not only will you need a degree from a celebrated school like, you’ll need to list off your education level and academic achievements when putting together your professional resume.

List Ways in Which You Were an Asset

In addition to your accomplishments at past jobs, your resume should include the ways in which you were an asset to former employers. Any positive changes you helped bring about or measures you introduced that increased profitability are likely to elicit attention from recruiters and result in you being called in for an interview. When searching for the right people, recruiters keep an eye out for individuals who can help their respective companies in a number of ways.

When searching for gainful employment, it behooves jobseekers to understand the importance of good first impressions. Since your resume is the first impression you’ll make on prospective employers, it’s important that it stand out. To this end, remember to prioritize accomplishments over job descriptions, highlight your education and list the ways in which you were an asset to former employers when drafting your resume.

Tips for a Winning Resume