Hiring and firing had been the common norm not so many years ago. This was usually rampant in construction companies and offices that made use of the unskilled or half skilled workforce. However, the general laborers are not easily replaced now. They are in as much demand as the highly educated IT employees. The employers have only themselves to blame, however.

The rising competition and scarcity of the right people eligible to fill in the general labour jobs in Toronto have encouraged the employers to alter their hiring strategies drastically. However, it is not possible to hire a man off the street and help him to hone his skills by learning on the job. It takes a lot of time for him to gain the requisite experience and overlooking the safety concerns is sure to increase the number of workplace injuries. The gap between the knowledgeable workforce with the required experience and the new employees is seemingly getting wider and wider posing a serious problem in recruiting the unskilled as well as semi skilled personnel for factories and construction industries.

The challenges of recruiting for general labour jobs in Toronto

  • Perception – The young workforce of today remain uninspired to join the general labour pool as they are impatient to start at once and do not cherish sitting idle for long without being asked to try the important tasks around. Poor working conditions also make them uncomfortable and they lack the motivation thereby failing to take pride in their jobs.
  • Contribution – The millennial generation are eager to make a difference. Simply trying their hands at jobs such as loading/unloading cargo or supplying the tools to the master carpenter does not enhance their productivity in any way.
  • Rewards – The old order of paying minimum wages and penalizing the worker’s on flimsy grounds ends up in alienating the workforce. Most of them are willing to switch companies on being offered a higher pay packet as they have not developed any feelings of loyalty for the company that does not believe in providing them with good incentives.

Tips to increase interest among the general labour pool

It makes sense to invest an amount of time and money in order to train the workforce and make them understand that the company values them as much as it does the top management. Inculcating a sense of gratitude and loyalty for the company is likely to go a long way in retaining the workforce for years. Trying the following is sure to work wonders and help you to recruit a good workforce without having to fear the prospect of having to hire new staff every week or earlier.

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Providing transportation to the factory, workshop or site
  • Child care facilities within the office/factory campus
  • Allowing pets to accompany the workers
  • Provision of selling unutilised vacation time
  • Hiring disabled persons for specialized functions
  • Taking care of the employees’ needs and helping them understand the instructions via use of images and / or multi lingual notices
  • Providing loans on easy installment options
  • Building a community to improve the quality of life

How to increase the skills of the workforce

  • Setting up training programmes
  • Taking on the novices or freshers as apprentices
  • Language Classes for the immigrant population who are not well versed in the local language of Canada.
  • Allowing them to learn the basics of computer applications in order to reduce the time
Tips To Meet The Challenges Of Recruiting For General Labour Jobs In Toronto