For most people, the profession as a Dubber still sounds strange, and there may even be many who don’t know if there is a profession. Even though if we look at it recently there are more and more outside production films entering Indonesia, such as animated films, telenovela, Korean drama series, Indian Drama series etc., so the prospect of working as a dubber is very wide open.

It is the role of a Dubber who filled the voices of imported film characters, making us able to enjoy the film more. We don’t have to bother looking at the translation text to understand a story and we can focus on the storyline of the film. The job of a dubber is easy but in reality, not everyone can easily become a dubber. For voice over translation you can read this reading at

Once you know that there is an event from Indonesian Blogger Reporter about learning the world of Voiceover (Dubbing) and Voice Over with senior Dubber, Agus Nurhasan, maybe there are some of you who know the man in a yellow hat (Curious George). surely familiar with the character Suneo (Doraemon), and many more, this Agus has the role. I deliberately vacated the schedule on Saturday 12 August 2017 and the location itself is located at Wisma Riat JL. Pangedegan Utara No. 14 Cikoko Pancoran South Jakarta.

Agus Nurhasan

According to Agus, dubbing or dubbing is part of the role art, where dubbing can be done alone and some are done directly in the studio. Actually, I myself am still confused between dubbing and Voice Over, are they actually the same or different? So as not to make you curious, we should first review the subject,

What is voiceover or the cool language Dubbing?

Dubbing simply means the transfer of sound, complete as a definition of the process of recording the voice of another person to fill or replace the voice of a particular character in a performance. Usually, this voice transfer will be made as simple as possible which adjusts the conversation that is in the film so that it makes it more easily accepted by the audience who witnessed it.

Although sometimes the results of dubbing are not perfect because there are differences in language or speech that is far enough, well, this is where a dubber must be able to explore more scripts that have been given to him, so as to cut the words in the dialogue according to the expression and character from the character played.

Generally, in Indonesia dubbing is only done for the screening of films that are aired on television, usually in the form of children’s and family films, while the screening of other films uses subtitles under the television screen. It turns out that the dubbing itself has several types, namely: dubbing for local movies, cinema dubbing, radio dubbing and foreign film dubbing.

How do you travel from a dubbing?

According to the experience of a dubber, first, they usually get orders from the television through the production house/studio which later will fill the voice in the film. Just as in filmmaking we know a person whose name is the director, even in the world of dubbing is there anyone who will direct us to be called the Dialogue Director (PD), what is the task of this PD? Usually, he will cast the dubber who will later determine the right dubber to fill the voice in that role.

After that, the PD assignment must also provide direction for the dialogue during the recording process, which is certainly PD is responsible for all dubbers doing their duties accordingly and well. The task of PD is not alone, usually, after the dubbing process is complete it will be assisted by the operator who has the task to operate the computer when recording dubbing. After the recording process is complete it will be mixed by an editor so that all effects, sound levels, and others have been done well, then the recording is sent to the relevant party to be enjoyed by the audience at home.

After we find out about the meaning of Dubbing, now we find out about VoiceOver

so Voice Over (VO) is a voice that is a human vocal that is intentionally recorded for various uses that are usually used on radio, television, film, theater, and others. Keep in mind to become a VO we will be limited by the text that has been prepared in advance, although there is an opportunity to increase or decrease the existing text, still, it should not change from the core of the text.

Because VO is not an emcee (Announcer), so this VO has gone through audio recording/recording for certain needs. The simple example of VO is that if we see information shows (documentaries) this is where the role of VO is very important because not only from the picture but from the VO text we can understand and enjoy the show more. The following below are examples of voice or VoiceOver.

So far the friends have been clearer, it turns out that the dubbing and voice order is different !! So if we want to be a dubber, do we have to have a good voice or have a story? If we already have good voices, then it has become our provision to become a dubber, but for those of us who don’t have a voice, don’t worry, we still can get the go to become an original dubber by diligently practicing.

In carrying out a job as a dubber, it doesn’t have to be done to have a beautiful or handsome face, it doesn’t have to be always attractive and neat. Because this profession is behind the scenes and only relies on our good sound and good character. If we want to be a reliable dubber, we can just practice our own sound processing at home by trying various roles.

Voice Over Translation as a Dubber