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The Top Three Natural Dog Treats Made In The USA

Just in the same manner that humans love eating snacks between the meals, it is the same way that canines enjoy getting tasty dog treats occasionally. There are two major points to keep in mind when it comes to dog treats, the lower the calorie, the better the feeds and it should be made with wholesome ingredients. With the many natural treats available in the market today, it can be overwhelming choosing the one that you will use. Below is a list of healthy dog treats that have been made with natural ingredients that will be good for your furry friend.

Rocco & Roxie supply co. Jerky Sticks for dogs

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. make their treats using high-quality beef, turkey, or chicken. The jerky sticks are slow smoked for 15 hours which helps to create flavor and texture that the dog might like. Unlike most treats that are found on the shelf, Rocco and Roxie’s supplies do not have any artificial preservatives like corn, gluten, wheat, and soy. The sticks can be seven or eight inches long which can be given whole to the dog or broken to smaller pieces for the small breeds.
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Greenies dental dog treats and dog chews
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Greenies dental chews are healthy dog treats that are preferred by veterinarians. The treats have been recognized as a tasty and also healthy products for the canine. Since they are made using low fat, they are easy for the dogs to digest. In addition to being healthy and digestible, the products made from these company go through a laborious quality controls to ensure that it is ideal for your dog. The the product is not only tasty, but also plays a huge role in developing the gums and the teeth of your furry friend. The other reason that the Greenies dental are popular is that they give the fresh dog breath by getting rid of any plaques and tartar

Zuke mini Natural health moist treats

Zuke mini natural health moist treats come in many flavors like duck, chicken, salmon, peanut butter, seafood, rabbit, and pork. The other point to note about this product is that it comes in a variety of packages and also different sizes. Zuke is made using products that have low calories. The other benefit is that these treats do not have preservatives. The treat also helps in promoting a healthy diet. Most people who use this treat have reported that their dogs love it. Given the fact that it makes products from a variety of flavors, you are bound to find something your dog will enjoy.